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Meditations can help you feel Happier, Healthier, And Less Stressed.

Maybe life has gotten a little too crazy and hectic.   Sometimes you just need to step back even for 5 minutes and slow it down. Allow me to lead you in a meditation to help restore and refresh you.  Lisa-Hope and Daises

Do You Want To Become More Mindful?

Are you looking to reduce Stress and Anxiety

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Hi! I am Lisa from Hope & Daisies

I love to create meditations and visualizations that are perfect for athletes, businesses, and everyday people who just want an easy to follow meditation.

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find hope and joy in life again!

Sometimes all you need is a little time to meditate and remember whats important in life!

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Morning, Walking or For Sleep/Rest

5 minute guided morning refresh meditation


10 minute  walking meditation


30 minute morning refresh meditation coming soon!


Would you like a personalized meditation For Your Business?

I can do that Too!


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Lisa-Hope and Daisies

I am really looking forward to helping you feel better!


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