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The Benefits Of Meditation And Becoming Mindful

The Benefits of Meditation and Becoming Mindful

Why should you meditate?

Mediation can relax your mind and enhance your sense of calm. It makes your health better. Mediation has a positive effect to enhance awareness of yourself and your environment. It is the  best practice to release your stress and improve concentration. Meditation improves your overall life because it can help you to recognize the actual problems in your life and your surroundings. Meditation guides you to identify the solution and how to deal with problems. Meditation is a positive practice in which a person focuses the mind on a particular aim and mindfulness. Morning is the best time for meditation. 5 minutes of morning wake-up meditation is a great morning meditation practice that can boost your mood, enhance focus and decrease stress in your life.  You can also add prayer and journaling to your meditations for extra mindfulness and learning.

Start your day with Lisa’s meditation method that helps you to feel healthy, focused, energized, relaxed, and happy.


Ease your stress level

Sometimes people try meditation to reduce their stress. Stress disturbs you mentally and physically to produce a harmful chemical in your body known as cytokines. It can affect sleep, enhance depression and anxiety, cause high blood pressure and involve cloudy thinking. Therefore, uses of meditation methods get rid of stress etc. Mindfulness meditation is the best meditation method that minimizes the inflammation reaction caused by stress. Furthermore, meditation can clear stress-related symptoms like irritable bowel syndrome and fibromyalgia.

Reduce Anxiety

Meditation is a positive way to reduce your anxiety level. Increased anxiety can produce many harmful chemicals that directly affect our body and brain health. A research study determined that regular mindfulness meditation may assist to minimize anxiety levels and also improve self-confidence. Daily morning meditation  led to improvements in depression, pain, and anxiety level. A range of mindfulness and meditation practices may help to overcome anxiety . There are different types of anxiety that occur in people i.e. job-related anxiety, relation-related anxiety and many more reasons so meditation is a very powerful practice that reduces the anxiety level.

Keep Your Emotions In Check

Meditation has many positive effects on our life including helping you look and feel better and  have  a positive outlook on life. Mindfulness meditation in a  daily practice helps to release depression. Many people face negative thoughts and un-desired dreams so meditation reduces all these negative thoughts. Depression, stress and bad moods can release very harmful chemicals that are not good for our health or mind. Morning meditation technique minimizes the depression and stress.

Develop self-awareness

Meditation improves self-awareness and develops a better understanding of yourself. Self analyzing meditation aims to help you to gain a positive understanding of yourself and develop a better understanding of your surroundings. Meditation helps you to recognize yourself and your personality-and a deep sense of self. It can also improve self-efficiency and enhance your belief or capability to reduce challenges. Mindfulness meditations reduce feelings of loneliness, helping you feel more connected. Also, another positive effect of meditation is that it opens the creativity of the mind and also helps to  develop issue-solving skills.

Increased focus and thinking skills

Meditation increases your attention length and improves your ability to focus. It also improves your memory.  Listening to meditation helps with accuracy and helps you to have a longer attention span when doing tasks. People who faced memory loss, poor attention and lower focused ability can follow only 15 minutes meditation guide to resolve these issues. Many kinds of meditation may develop your capability to forward and maintain  your attention.

Minimize memory loss problems

A Morning or Wake up meditation practice helps to keep your mind healthy and improves memory and thinking functions. There is a lot  of evidence  that meditation can highly develop your attention, memory and mental rapidity. Regularly scheduled meditation may improve your memory strength and also mental health.  Memory loss can occur mostly in aged people; morning meditation can partially enhance memory in aged people and also improve memory in dementia patients. It can assist you to control stress and increase coping when dealing with family members with dementia.

Develop an attitude of gratitude and kindness

Many kinds of meditation can help to bring about  positive emotions and actions towards yourself and others. Lisa’s meditation practices encourages your feelings of kindness and improves loving feelings. Follow this meditation regularly to enhance your ability to forgive others  and boost your positive attitude. Meditation has the capability to boost peoples  compassion towards themselves and others. One research study showed that the more people spent time in meditation practice, the more positive loving and kind feelings they experienced. Other studies showed that 3  meditation sessions in a week helped to bring about positive feelings, interpersonal connections and compassion.  Meditation practice improves empathy, positivity and kindness toward others.


Fight against addictions

The meditation practice may develop your self-control and help you battle an addictive personality. Meditation may help to people focus  their attention, handle their feelings and impulses, and enhance their understanding of their triggers. People, who are addicted to  alcohol, for example,  may be able to beat their addiction  with  the practice of daily meditation because it helps to control their thinking patterns and motivate them to change. Meditation may also assist you manage food cravings. Meditation builds mental awareness and can assist you in handling triggers for undesired impulses. It can help you to recover from addiction, control unhealthy eating, and control other harmful habits.


Peaceful sleep

Most of the population will suffer from insomnia at some point. A research based study showed that mindfulness based meditation practice provide longer and deeper sleep. Regular practice of mindfulness meditation may help you to calm  the runway or racing thoughts that frequently lead to insomnia. Furthermore, it can calm your body, release your tension and put you in a peaceful place in which you are much drift into a peaceful sleep. Sleep meditation can help you be more comfortable and avoid runway thoughts that can interfere during sleep. It can also enhance your sleep time and quality of sleep.


Relieve pain

Your mind is controlling your whole body and also your emotions. Pain is directly related with your mind and it can be high during stressful situations. Mindfulness meditation is very beneficial for your mind and controlling pain and stress. Daily mindfulness meditation practice reduces pain, increases standard of life, and reduces depression  in people who suffer from chronic pain. Meditation  directly effects our mind and releases pain. When you study some mediators and non-mediators the result indicates that mediators have a great ability to control stress and pain, and feel peace, as compared to the non-mediators. The best way to release chronic pain is to practice meditation as compared to medicine and therapy.


Control high blood pressure

Meditation can better physical health by minimizing strain on the heart. The heart pumps the blood and circulates into the whole body but high blood pressure makes it difficult for the heart to pump blood.   High blood pressure makes contracting of the arteries and also participating to atherosclerosis, which can cause of heart attack and heart stroke. A research shows that meditation can assist to minimize high blood pressure and stabilize the heart rate. Many kinds of daily meditation improves the heart function and controls the blood pressure. Meditation stabilizes the nerve signals that manage the  heart function, blood vessel tension and increases alertness in stressful conditions. Daily meditation techniques stabilize blood pressure all day not only during meditation. This can minimize strain on the heart, arteries and also prevent heart disease.


Meditation can be practiced anywhere

You can meditate anywhere.  All you need is somewhere you can find quiet for a few moments of your day.  It can be a room, outdoors or even a walk .Even just a few minutes of  meditation practice is enough. There are two major types of meditation:

 Focused-attention meditation: This type focuses attention on a single purpose, sound, thought and visualization. It highlights eliminating your mind of disruptions. Meditation may also improve breathing, mantra and reassuring sound.

 Open-monitoring meditation: This type of meditation boosts vast awareness of all aspects of your surroundings, guide of thoughts and sense of self. It may also consist of becoming aware of concealed thoughts, emotions and impulses.


Different ways to practice guided morning meditation

There are several techniques you can do for morning meditation. It is normal to fall asleep sleep during meditation, so try these methods to practice meditation.

  • Mindfulness meditation practice: This type of meditation engages on the current situation and it also enhance your awareness, focus, breathing rate, mental health and whole body function. When you practice mindfulness meditation eliminate all types of disruptions from the room, switch off your phone and lie down in a relaxed position. Concentrate on your breath and inhale for ten counts, then hold your breath for ten counts, exhale your breath for ten counts. Repeat it 5 times. Inhale, relax, pause your body and repeat this practice 5 times. Become aware of your breath rate and body movement. If you feel your  body is tight then relax it slowly. When a thought comes up, gradually bring to your concentration back  to just you’re breathing.
  •  Instructed mindfulness meditation:Guided meditation included in meditation techniques. In this meditation someone will guide you to breath and relax your body in a proper way. Some guided meditation sources are meditation podcasts, meditation apps and websites, online streaming facilities and local library. When you practice the guided meditation then pick a recording and dim the brightness of your surroundings. Lie down and and slowly breathe when launching the recording. Concentrate on the voice of the recording and don’t lose your attention during meditation.
  • Meditation during walking Waking meditation enhances awareness and boosts us to work smoothly with accuracy. Take 10-15 minutes morning walk, either inside or outside. Concentrate on your breath and on each footstep as you walk. You can say left when your left foot touches on the ground and right when right foot touches on the ground.
  •  Body analyze meditation: In the body scan meditation, you concentrate on every part of your body and it can enhance physical awareness, including stress and pain. This type of meditation enhances relaxation and assists you to better sleep. Lie down in a relaxed position, close your eyes and take a breath slowly, and observe your body weight on the bed. Feel your face soften, jaws, eyes and facial movement. Move every body part and focus on your body movement. Don’t lose your focus during meditation.


Meditation is a very effective practice to help you have a sense of calm, peace and balance in your life. Mindfulness meditation enhances your thinking ability, mental health, mood, awareness about your surroundings and overall health.  You can also use it to relax and cope with stress by refocusing your attention on something calming. Meditation can help you learn to stay centered and keep inner peace.

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